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    Ethics Reform

    Bringing trust back to government

    Not a day goes by without a story about the corruption inherent in the Albany cesspool.  Enough is enough - our leaders have sat back quietly while Albany politicians have abused women, wasted our money and generally violated our trust.  it's time to take back our government.

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    Economic Development

    Support economic growth and reduce the burdens on local businesses

    Government should support economic opportunities and reduce the burdens on local businesses. Small business is the backbone of the Upstate New York economy and our State government has done everything to break that back.To ensure local small businesses have every opportunity to thrive, Morgan believes in business tax reform, promoting investments in energy and infrastructure, and getting rid of regulatory burdens that are stifling growth.

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    Reducing spending and taxes

    New York has the second highest state and local tax burden in the country.  Our region cannot succeed with Albany picking our pockets to fund their pet projects in politically connected regions.  Meanwhile, our small businesses, families and farmers are suffering through a crushing tax and regulatory system that punishes success and rewards the politically connected.  Enough is enough - let's get the government off our back and out of our pockets.

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