Morgan's Platform

Small business affected by economic policies

Create Jobs

Morgan will work to grow the upstate economy and lower the cost of living by getting rid of red tape and lowering business taxes. This will help upstate businesses keep prices low, hire more workers, and bring positive change to our community.

Morgan Zegers meeting with local tax payers

Lower Taxes

Albany politicians think they spend our money better than we do. By cutting taxes, the residents of Washington and Saratoga Counties will be free to invest their earnings back into their community. With more savings, upstate New Yorkers will have the freedom to pay their bills, invest their earnings, and spend their money in ways that will bring more jobs to our area.

Local man working on his farm

Support Upstate Agribusiness

Farms that have supplied our communities for generations are closing their doors because of liberal regulations from Albany. Morgan will bring a strong conservative voice on behalf of all agribusiness leaders to ensure upstate farms can stay competitive in today's economy. Supporting family farmers today will protect the farmers of tomorrow.

Morgan Zegers praticing accuracy at the range

Protect Our Freedoms

Morgan's goal is to get the government off of your back and out of your pocket. On top of lowering taxes and regulations to protect your financial freedom, Morgan will also fight tirelessly on behalf of personal freedoms. As a proud and active member of the NRA, Morgan is determined to repeal the ridiculous restrictions put on New Yorkers by the SAFE Act.

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