Morgan's Platform

Small business affected by economic policies

Economic Development

As a recent college graduate and small business owner, Morgan has felt the pain of a lagging Upstate economy.  This is made even worse by the disgusting recent pay to play schemes abounding in our economic development programs.  Morgan will fight for smart economic development, less red tape, and lower taxes. Instead of big paydays for political cronies, Morgan will work to empower small businesses, farmers, and entrepreneurs to succeed on their own, so they can grow the economy, hire more workers, and bring positive change to our community.

Morgan Zegers meeting with local tax payers

Ethics Reform

Corruption is a real problem in Albany - whether using our money for personal gain, sexual harassment and assault, or just plain old disrespect of the voter, Albany politicians have gotten very comfortable doing very inappropriate things.  While well-intentioned, our current leadership hasn't stood up for honest government or agains the dishonest leadership their party.  As a young woman, Morgan will fight for other young women, ensuring Albany is no longer a place we should be embarrassed to call our capital. We deserve leaders that share our values and will fight for what is right.


For far too long, we've had a government that taxes and spends too much and reforms too little.  Aa a recent college graduate, Morgan knows how hard it is to afford living in the State with the 2nd highest tax burden in the US.  As a new business owner, Morgan knows just how hard the government makes it for entrepreneurs to succeed.  That's why she'll fight for lower spending and lower taxes.  It's time to get the government off of our backs and out of our pockets!

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